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FINANCING AVAILABLE For Casket Wrap Classes!


Why choose for casket wrap classes?

Financing is now available for Casket Wrap Classes!

Welcome to our unique and innovative series of classes dedicated to teaching the art of casket wrapping. These classes are designed for both professionals in the funeral industry and individuals interested in personalizing final farewells with beautiful, respectful, and bespoke designs.

Our casket wrap class is a great place to start your journey and build a solid foundation on the casket wrap process. This course is for people looking learn a new profitable skill and expand their product line.

Our instructors are 3M Certified with over 7+ years of experience. Our instructors have experience in wrapping cars, trucks, boats, commercial vehicles, windows, floors, caskets and more.

Other asset our trainers offer is great customer service, a winning attitude, and they are super detailed in explaining the process.

OSU Custom Casket

What’s Included In The Course

Tools and Materials
Two Day Class
8 Hour Class Each Day
Free Tool Pouch w/Tools
Printed Wrap Vinyl
*Casket (practice casket only)

Casket Wrap Business
Wholesale Casket Supplier List
Process to Purchase Caskets Wholesale
Casket Insert Suppliers
Shipping Caskets Nationwide Procedure
Affordable Casket Print suppliers

For More Info Call: (629) 210-3377

What Will You Learn?

  1. Introduction to Casket Wrapping: Understand the evolving trends in casket decoration. Learn about the materials and tools needed for wrapping.

  2. Removal of Hardware:  Tools needed and the process of removing hardware from caskets.

  3. Practical Application: Gain hands-on experience with step-by-step guidance on measuring, cutting, and applying wraps to caskets. Learn how to smooth out bubbles and ensure a flawless finish.

  4. Shipping/Delivery to Funeral Home: Preparing your finished casket for delivery.

More Information

Seats are limited and available on a first come first serve basis. We limit each class to 5 people per session to provide devoted time to all attendees for questions and hands on training.
Only paying students are allowed in the training facility. No video or audio recording devices are allowed in the facility during training.
Casket wrap classes schedule will be posted monthly.   Please check back to see each months class schedule. Once you have booked your class please plan accordingly. Once class is paid for and you are given a confirmed class date, there is NO REFUNDS! We will do everything in our power to reschedule your class but there are no refunds.

For more info on our casket wrapping course, give us a call 629 210-3377or fill out the form below.


Q: What are the prerequisites for enrolling in a casket wrap class?
A: Come with an open mind and ready to learn a new skill. We supply all tools and materials needed.

Q: Are casket wrap classes hands-on training sessions?
A: Yes, our casket wrap classes offer hands-on training where participants practice applying wraps under the guidance of experienced instructors. This practical approach allows students to gain confidence and proficiency in wrapping various surfaces.

Q: What tools and materials are typically covered in a casket wrap class?
A: Our casket wrap classes cover the use of specific tools such as squeegees, heat guns, utility knives, measuring tapes, and application fluids. They also discuss different types of vinyl materials suitable for wrapping caskets with techniques for their proper installation.

Q: What is a casket wrap in the context of vehicles, motor cars, and boats?
A: A casket wrap refers to a vinyl graphic or decal that is specifically designed to cover casket with customized imagery, patterns, or designs. 

Q: Can you take casket wraps classes to learn how to apply wraps on vehicles and boats?
A: No, wrapping a car , truck or boat is a totally different process than wrapping a casket. Requires two different classes and processes.


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